Roman O'Connell


Full Name: Roman Quinten O'Connell
Nicknames: Ro, Bro, Connell
Artist Name: Roman Quin
Birthdate: March 15, 1984
Hometown: Boston
Residence: NYC - 2013
Career: Professional Photographer (Magazines/Models/Fashion Shows)
Sexuality:Bisexual; Kinsey 4
Turn Ons: Love COCK (Sucking it,getting fucked by it), Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Blow Jobs, Pegging, Try anything Once
Turn Offs: Feet, Potty Play, Blood, Beastiality
Position: Top Mostly, Switch on occasion (depends on partner)


On March 15th, 1978, Roman Quinten O'Connell was born to two teenage parents. They eventually married, when Roman was two years old, but they ended up in a car crash the night of their honey moon.

At the time, Roman had been staying with his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin Ryan in Boston. Ryan was only an infant at the time. Giving him a chance to grow up as a big brother.

His childhood was very active with sports, keeping the two boys busy to keep from causing any havoc when it came to puberty. The boys were always getting into fights at school. Giving them a chance to learn how to box after Ryan had gotten sent to the hospital one two many times fighting with his cousin.

At that point, Roman came out to his adopted parents, letting them know that he had been interested in both boys and girls for a while. Only just learning that it was okay to do so.

They didn't seem to mind, this gave him the courage to show that he wasn't afraid to be bisexual. Sure, he was very much a straight man where it actually counted. But when the time came and he found the first male he wanted to have more with. He pursued it, even if it ended up in a situation where he had a black eye and a broken nose.

College was a bit more forgiving and exploration was open to all the possibilities. This gave him a chance to actually indulge in his romance with men. Okay, so it wasn't quite romantic relationship, but he was able to finally explore that part of his sexuality. Night Clubs, Bars, quit hooks ups, all the fun things he only watched on television before now.

During College, he took a photography course as an elective, only he didn't expect to fall in love with the aspects of all of it. This led him to change his major from sports medicine to photography. He then began to use that as a way to visualize some of the men and women he dated. Giving him a start on a portfolio.

Shortly after college, he was picked up by a travel magazine, shooting shots of different locations to go along with articles. It wasn't enjoy, he started to take on private models to help him build his portfolio. Sending them into all the local fashion rags, before he was called by a big time head hunter. Asking him to come out to a Fashion Show in New York City, and have an audition.

That was the first time that Roman actually was able to do what he loved the most. He got the job on the spot, and has been with this agent for years. He also is asked to do spots for different designers in magazines and freelances for a few different fashion magazines today.